Hear from us at SQLSaturday Atlanta

ZAP’s tech evangelist Trey Johnson has been invited to deliver a keynote presentation on 22 September at SQLSaturday 800, Atlanta – BI Edition.

“This session will be as much about listening as talking,” Trey explains. “I’m looking forward to a wide-ranging and interactive debate on Power BI, Dynamics and all the Microsoft technologies that make up the so-called data territory. Namely their offerings for business intelligence, data warehousing, and data science practitioners.”

“Some parts of the territory are ripe with opportunity while other less-discovered parts might be a bit hostile! Throughout the session, we’ll talk about the applicability of each offering based on sizes of data, and based on customer.”

Event sponsors include two regular ZAP partners, AtlantaMDF and PASS. You can register for SQLSaturday 800, Atlanta – BI Edition here:

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