Attending Power Platform World Tour? 3 Ways to Help Your Organization Embrace Analytics

ZAP’s chief evangelist Trey Johnson will be speaking in Chicago in April at the Power Platform World Tour.

As part of the Power User Track, he’s been invited to deliver a session on a subject that will be close to the hearts of all IT managers and ZAP Data Hub users, “Fixing the Adoption Dilemma – Techniques to Make Analytics Use Pervasive”.

“Dashboards, reports, charts and other ways to structure data for analysis is failing!…  Does this sound familiar?” Trey asks.  “If so, ‘the adoption dilemma’ is present and needs to be solved.  If your users would rather get data dumped to them, rather than work with what they’ve been given, this session is for you.”

“We’ll give you techniques to solve ‘the adoption dilemma’, and make analytics the hero of your organization without having to endure the pain of further purchasing, added frustration or the ongoing angst for something your organization simply does not have.  This session will talk to the culture of analytics and the ways you might marry the best work of those who prepare the data (often IT teams and IT managers) with the work those should be doing to explore the data (IE analysts, departmental teams and, indeed, everyone else in the organization)!”

Attendees at Trey’s session can expect to learn the following:

  1. Ways to culturally establish an air of analytics cooperation
  2. Means to identify when analytics burden the business process
  3. An ability to be a motivator and a mediator for analytics adoption

Find out more about the Power Platform World Tour Chicago event and, if any of these issues are important to you, contact ZAP to find out more about how ZAP Data Hub – our data management and analytics software – solves them.