Brand New UI and Experience for ZAP Data Hub

ZAP Data Hub customers will experience a whole new look & feel to our software, as we prepare to launch our brand new User Interface (UI).



Here’s an FAQ to bring you up to speed…


Why did ZAP decide to change the UI of Data Hub?

In recent years, while ZAP focused on Cloud and innovative features, the UI of ZAP Data Hub only received minor changes.

The ZAP Data Hub UI has worked really well for us and our customers, but it became apparent, talking to our customers and partners and reviewing modern UX that it needed a refresh. There were also enhancements we wanted to make that we couldn’t implement without more major enhancements to our UI. After much research and planning, we made the decision in 2019 to reinvent ZAP Data Hub and make it look as modern an application as it is an innovative data platform.

We are excited by the results! This new UI simplifies the app, it adds news ways of navigating and designing analytics. It is an excellent investment for the future of the platform and the many innovations yet to come.


What exactly can I expect?

In a nutshell:

  • A more modern application, and a new look & feel for the Design view (no ribbon, style, menus, pages, etc..);
  • A more consistent experience between Analytics design and Data model design, that boosts productivity and will also feel faster;
  • Brand new ways to design Analytics;
  • Several new usability features.

For the full list of changes, please see our New UI release notes


When will it be released?

At this stage, we plan to launch it as a Public Beta with our ZAP Data Hub SaaS release in mid-March 2021. If you are a SaaS customer, and you would like to participate in our Early Adopter program, please let your Customer Success regional contact know.

On-premises customers of ZAP Data Hub will get it with our v10 release planned in Q2 CY2021.


Will there be any impact to my productivity?

There are zero changes on mobile devices, in embedded scenarios, or when using the Consumer view. The same experience applies, therefore there is no impact for consumers. However note that on desktop devices, the main URL of ZAP Data Hub now redirects to the new UI for both consumers and designers, not the Consumer view any more. If you want to continue working with the Consumer view, you can bookmark https://<YourZAPURL>/view.

We believe there shouldn’t be much impact for Designers, as most options remain the same, they may just be located in different areas of the product. Please refer to our release notes for more information. The New UI should actually feel more natural to use, yet it may take designers time to adapt.

If for any reason, you require going back to the ZAP Data Hub 9 UI, then we have also introduced a Switch option in the new UI. It is called Switch to Legacy UI and you will find it in your User Profile menu.


When will the Legacy UI be deprecated?

We are releasing the new UI as a Public Beta. We will announce the end of the Beta period and once it is released to market, we will deprecate the ZAP Data Hub 9 UI at the same time. Deprecating the old UI means that the ZAP Data Hub 9 UI on new versions of ZAP Data Hub will remain in the application but it will be treated as a Legacy feature, and its end of life will be in one year from the RTM date of the new UI.

In other words, the Switch to new UI and Switch to Legacy UI options will remain in the ZAP Data Hub Cloud and new on-premises versions for one year.


Will you keep maintaining the Legacy UI?

Only critical defects will be fixed in the Legacy UI from March 2021, and new functionality may only be available in the New UI.

ZAP will of course continue maintaining and supporting prior supported versions of ZAP Data Hub on the Legacy UI, providing they remain within their Support lifetime.


Have you planned more UI/UX enhancements?

With this new UI, we focused on updating the look & feel of the platform as well as changing the experience for Analytics designers. The data model design experience has not changed much.

Every critical component, page or experience have been refreshed. Only a few menus here and there still need updating, they will be updated as part of our monthly cloud updates, and our community will certainly contribute to feedback and suggestions to refine this UI.

Future planned enhancements for our New UI include but are not limited to the following:

  • Updated UI and design experience for Data models
  • Improved view on mobile devices for dashboards
  • Merged Consumer view within the New UI to provide a single and adaptive UI for every use case, on any device.

We hope you enjoy the new experience! Please contact us if you require any assistance, training or support.