Meet the ZAP Team: Grant van der Westhuizen

Grant’s been with ZAP for 3 and a half years, and after recently landing a new role in the company as EMEA Channel Manager, we sat down with him for November’s staff spotlight…


Hi Grant, where are you talking to us from right now?

I am based in Cape Town, South Africa and work from a home office. I have been told by the family during lockdown that they have a new respect for the discipline that it takes to work from a home office, although I have been doing this for a number of years so I guess I have an advantage over them!


What is a typical working day like for you?
Being part of a global team, time zones often determine the start and end of my typical day. Connecting with partners and discussing how we can extend and enhance mutually beneficial relationships through marketing activities and customer engagements makes up a good portion of a normal day. As ZAP is a horizontal solution that covers so many different industry sectors, engaging with partners and customers across the spectrum and across EMEA keeps a level of excitement to every day which I really enjoy.


What are some of the differences of working for ZAP versus other companies you’ve worked for?
Having a strong focus on adding value as quickly as possible for a customer creates a very strong comradery between team members and allows everybody to get creative when looking at how to best approach or solve issues on the table.


What’s a common question you get asked in your job?
Are you able to connect to this data source? How easy would it be to include the following data into our data warehouse? How long would it take?


What do you like most about being EMEA Channel Manager?
I have always enjoyed entrepreneurial business where your focus is expanding and growing activity that looks at future value and sustainability. Working with a diverse group of partners and customers across so many different industry sectors keeps every day interesting and having a solution that can provide so many views of an organisation drives discussions that are really exciting.


And what do you get up to when you aren’t working?
Cape Town is a really beautiful part of the world with so many activities and places to visit, so there’s always something on the go. Often a walk along the beach or a trip to the mountains is on the cards or else a trip to a vineyard or restaurant with family or friends. As I work from home, weekend’s are often spent out of the house.


What are you into on the sports and music front?
I have started cycling recently to get over the lockdown bulge and on the music front, I still enjoy Ed Sheeran and live music where possible. My older children also often share their music with me which I am often completely oblivious to.


And leaving the best to last.. we’re coming round for dinner tonight. What’s on the food menu, and what’s on the Netflix menu?
Well if you are coming around for dinner in Cape Town, it would have to be a “braai” which is the South African version of a BBQ, although my wife loves to cook so often we are spoilt with dishes that are better than some of the best restaurants in Cape Town. If I am cooking the chances are you will get a pasta or a curry. Netflix would have to be an action movie or a thriller series to keep the attention.

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