Introducing ZAP 7.5

Increasing functionality, usability, productivity and business insight

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Reducing TTV (time to value) and technical effort

With ZAP 7.5, data-derived business insight comes out of the realm of technical consultants and into the hands of staff and users across an organization. Our latest version increases end-user adoption of—and empowerment through—data management and business intelligence/analytics, reducing TTV and decreasing the technical burden on IT departments.

Data management enhancements encompass modeling and hybrid data connectivity, while business intelligence enhancements cover analytics, visualisations and data exploration. ZAP 7.5 also adds Data Gateway support for all Microsoft Dynamics data sources: Dynamics 365, Dynamics AX, Dynamics NAV, Dynamics CRM and Dynamics GP.

More data sources, more rapidly

“Enhancements to our data source architecture are another big step forward,” explains Damien Zwillinger, ZAP’s Director of Product Management. “We are committed to releasing more data sources more rapidly, and this architecture allows us to push them to every ZAP 7.5 customer instantly, in real-time. Our plan is to release new data sources every month.” In 7.5, connectivity options are increased with the addition of a variety of new data sources including Google Analytics, Dynamics GP, Marketo, XML and Json.

Self-service enablement decreases IT workload

“The rich multimedia content on ZAP 7.5’s new Start Page is an example of new, self-service user enablement which decreases IT department workload,” adds ZAP’s Bill Tennant, VP Sales. “Users can learn, troubleshoot and improve their data insight capabilities proactively, increasing ROI and time to value.”

“In IDC’s view, midsize firms are typically characterized by their unique business challenges and processes as well as their limited IT infrastructure, restricted IT budgets, and scarce in-house BI skills—all of which impact the downstream requirements of a data warehousing and BI solution,” says Helena Schwenk, research manager, IDC Big Data and Analytics1. “ZAP’s offering helps midsize firms circumnavigate some of these issues by fast-tracking the more complex elements and tasks associated with deployments, specifically in terms of data transformation and warehouse build.”

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1  IDC Market Note: ‘ZAP: Improving Time to Insight for Midsize Firms’, September 2017 (Doc #EMEA43048517)