Improving ‘Time to Insight’ for midsize firms

Bill Tennant, VP of Sales at ZAP this week writes for on our work to improve business insight for midsize Sage enterprises by helping them manage their data.

The article is co-authored with Sage’s Kevin Nicholas, VP of Enterprise Product Management and Marketing, and talks through the background thinking that went into our partnership to develop and launch Sage X3 Data Management and Analytics (SDMA), a software solution which demonstrably improves an organization’s operational performance by speeding up the collection, organization and analysis of data.

The article also takes in IDC’s recent report, ZAP: Improving Time to Insight for Midsize Firms, and commentary from Leandro DalleMule and Thomas H. Davenport at Harvard Business Review.

“We foresee many more Sage customers using SDMA in 2018,” Kevin Nicholas concludes, “to access their business information and become data-driven businesses.” was launched in October 2010 by veteran Canadian channel media editor Robert Dutt to provide a new, fresh voice for the channel community and a vehicle for those who wish to communicate with and influence Canadian VARs and MSPs.

You can read the full article on here:

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