IDC Reports on ZAP

“Improving Time to Insight for Midsize Firms”

Download the IDC Market Note to read more

According to a new report by renown analyst group IDC, ZAP is “carving out its niche in the midmarket, with an end-to-end solution designed to fast-track the time and effort involved in kick-starting a data warehousing and BI project.”

Published today, IDC’s ‘Market Note’ by European software research manager Helena Schwenk begins by examining the business challenges and processes that characterize midsize firms. She then goes on to explore how these challenges might impact data warehousing and BI capabilities.

Focusing on ZAP’s work in the mid-market in particular, Schwenk explains how we help such businesses to efficiently overcome these hurdles, delivering a data warehousing system that unlocks potential and empowers growth.

“In IDC’s view, midsize firms are typically characterized by their unique business challenges and processes as well as their limited IT infrastructure, restricted IT budgets, and scarce in-house BI skills—all of which impact the downstream requirements of a data warehousing and BI solution,” explains Helena Schwenk.

“ZAP’s offering helps midsize firms circumnavigate some of these issues by fast-tracking the more complex elements and tasks associated with deployments, specifically in terms of data transformation and warehouse build.”

Download the IDC Market Note to read more