Enterprise‐Grade Data Management for Midsize Organizations

New IDC white paper reports on the rationale, technologies and strategies of data management automation

Download the IDC White Paper here

IDC, the premier global provider of market intelligence and advisory services for the IT industry, today publishes a new white paper, sponsored by ZAP, entitled ‘Putting Enterprise‐Grade Data Management Within Reach of the Midsize Organization’.

“Enabling business leaders to report with confidence, drive actions, and help move the business forward relies on a solid data management strategy,” explains IDC’s European software research manager Helena Schwenk.  “As organizations look to successfully navigate the journey to becoming insight-driven organizations, there’s a need to rethink their approach to data warehousing.”

The white paper begins by investigating how data is at the core of digital transformation, before detailing three key data management challenges currently faced by midsize organizations:

  1. Difficulty tackling the data explosion
  2. Increasing data management complexity
  3. Pressure to uncover IT efficiencies

At the core of the study, IDC details the technologies and strategies that can deliver better data management and analytics:

  • Build a strong and trusted data foundation to maximize the opportunities that come from aggregating data across the business
  • Look for efficiencies in the data preparation process
  • Consider a cloud‐first data management strategy
  • Bolster your data governance efforts in light of an evolving regulatory landscape
  • Build agility into your data management layer by design

For 50 years, IDC has provided strategic insights on technology matters and currently has more than 1,100 IDC analysts working across 110 countries worldwide.

“With the data environment growing more complex, with on-and off-premise data and diverse data types, the need for an innovative data warehousing solution is becoming more pressing,” IDC concludes.

“Midsize organizations are therefore advised to seek high-integrity data warehousing solutions that ensure data is available when and where it is needed, is secure, compliant with regulations, and above all trusted by business users.”

Download the IDC White Paper here