Attending digitalnow 2019? Talk to CIMATRI about ZAP Data Hub

ZAP specialist sales partner CIMATRI will be appearing at digitalNow 2019, the “can’t miss” thought leadership conference for associations and their executive leadership next week.

Visitors to the event will find out how – and why! – CIMATRI uses and recommends ZAP Data Hub to bring faster reporting to nonprofits and associations.

You can read a Q&A between ZAP’s CEO Garth Laird and CIMATRI’s CEO Rick Bawcum over on the ZAP blog and download CIMATRI’s ZAP Data Hub brochure.

“Fast reporting on key metrics, from all areas of the organization. That’s the key data objective for nonprofits and professional member associations,” explains Rick Bawcum, CIMATRI’s founder and CEO. “Behind all the headlines around AI and Machine Learning, it’s still a major struggle for many organizations to get accurate, fast reporting and cross-functional insight from their existing, structured data. Which is why we have selected ZAP Data Hub.”

“CIMATRI’s reputation in the non-profit and professional member associated space is unrivaled,” comments ZAP’s CEO Garth Laird. “Like any specialist market it has various data idiosyncrasies, but the challenge remains the same: the removal of manual, error-prone data processes in favor of faster, more secure and governed automation. I’m pleased to report that when CIMATRI searched for a software solution to this challenge, ZAP Data Hub came out on top.”