Dataversity and Bloor Research talk to ZAP on DM Radio

The Bloor Group‘s CEO Eric Kavanagh recently dedicated one of his DM Radio shows for Dataversity to a discussion around ZAP and the business benefits of the Azure-based ETL and data warehouse automation it delivers.

Listen back to the whole show on DM Radio, via iTunes or ZAP’s YouTube channel, and you’ll hear Trey Johnson, ZAP’s chief evangelist, take the mic at 12:34 and 45:26.

“With the information economy now in full swing, businesses everywhere are relying on ever more data to drive their decisions,” Eric says of this particular episode of DM Radio. “And that data comes in an ever-growing list of shapes and sizes.”

“Simply put, the time-tested processes of data integration are no longer sufficient to fuel the analytical needs of most organizations. Enter: modern data pipelines! A host of innovations has transformed the once-stable world of data integration. Find out what’s happening by checking out this episode of DM Radio…”