New case study – Colonial Brewing Company

A thriving Australian brewery saw its commercial growth restricted by lengthy manual reporting processes. In our latest case study, we explain how ZAP Data Hub has changed all this.

For the award-winning Colonial Brewing Company (CBCo), ZAP Data Hub has rapidly sped up reporting times, and freed up staff to spend more time analyzing data and less time collating it. As the full story explains, our software has allowed CBCo to forge ahead by enabling cross-functional analysis from multiple data sources.

Faced with rapid growth, multiple data sources, a complex supply chain, and multiple sites, CBCo’s reporting processes were extremely lengthy and failed to provide the level of business insight required. “Before implementing ZAP Data Hub, our Business Intelligence tools couldn’t give us a view of overall sales by brand, location, customer type or sales team territory,” explains their Business Systems Manager, Kirstie Jenkin. As our full case study explains:

The business is now able to quickly and easily cross-reference information across multiple data sources, utilizing “the flexibility in data access that ZAP Data Hub provides – for example, restricting views by sales territory or by user roles.” Kirstie is also quick to praise ZAP’s data models, which “combine data coming into our various systems and mapping tables to translate information for consistency.”

As a result of this enhanced analysis, Colonial Brewing Company has uncovered tangible cost savings and potential business opportunities. And, in addition to faster reporting, Kirstie now describes CBCo as a “business equipped with knowledge, accessible and timely data. We are extremely happy with both the product and our level of service.”

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