Biveri Teknoloji joins the ZAP partner network

Multi-ERP specialist Turkish BI consultancy to recommend and implement ZAP Data Hub

 Biveri Teknoloji is a new tech start-up based in Istanbul specialising business intelligence, analytics and data management for mid-sized business across the province and the country as a whole.

After a detailed and lengthy selection process – looking at both competing products and alternative, consultancy-based approaches – Biveri has selected ZAP Data Hub as its singular recommended software for data management and analytics.

Under the leadership of founder and business development specialist, Seiful Umatov – formerly of Turkish logistics & supply chain leader Mete Group (Mete Şirketler Grubu) – Biveri is working across the most prevalent ERP and CRM tools in use within medium-sized business: Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, SAP Business One, Salesforce, and Logo ERP.  And it has hands-on experience with the country’s two most popular BI systems: Power BI and Tableau.

“We realised very quickly that we needed a data management and analytics solution to bring together all of the ERPs we work with, and deliver fast, efficient and cross-functional reporting to our customers, no matter what their BI tool,” Umatov explains.

“Following an exhaustive tender process, ZAP came out on top, and we are thrilled to represent ZAP Data Hub in Turkey.”

“The knowledge and expertise available for Turkish businesses from the team at Biveri Teknoloji – especially on SAP Business One, Microsoft Dynamics and Power BI – is considerable,” adds ZAP’s CEO Garth Laird.  “From the first draft of their business plan, they were very clear from the outset of their business that they would take a software automation approach to data management and analytics.  And that it was best delivered upon by ZAP Data Hub.”

Are you in Turkey and interested in finding out more about Biveri Teknoloji’s work with ZAP Data Hub?  Click here to learn more.