New white paper: Automating Data Management

Subtitled “Four opportunities to save time and budget, while enhancing depth and quality of Business Intelligence analysis,” today ZAP publishes a new white paper which explores the benefits of automated data management software in the quest for actionable analytics.

“Our over-riding aim in this White Paper is to help self-service BI users perform complex analysis without impacting either performance, operational timescales or the integrity of their underlying databases,” explains ZAP’s CEO Garth Laird.  “The net result being that BI users become free to explore and analyze multiple, integrated data sources and uncover previously hidden insight.”

Four key opportunities to save time and money from automated data management are explored in depth, from the perspective of a self-service BI user and IT manager working with products such as Microsoft Power BI, Qlik or Tableau:

  1. Data collection – accessing all relevant data, no matter what or where it is
  2. Data integration – integrating disparate data sources from across the business
  3. Data preparation – extracting, transforming and preparing data for analysis
  4. Data governance – achieving compliance, security, accuracy and trust

Key findings in this new white paper include how to connect to a business’ disparate data sources in the most secure, straightforward and efficient way – as an alternative to manually preparing data for analysis with self-service BI, or directly connecting to source databases.

We examine how the time and resource required to find, understand and prepare data for analysis can be greatly decreased, as well as how to handle data security and legislative compliance – whilst limiting the need for specialists, data engineers and key-person dependencies – when accessing disparate or siloed data from across a business.

Click here to download the white paper, or head to our blog for the latest comment and opinion on all areas of data management.