New White Paper: Data Governance for Improved BI Insight

Discover how automated data governance can do more than just secure your data – it can also improve data quality and help deliver better business insight.

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Today, ZAP publishes a new, free white paper that analyses the impact self-service BI has made on data governance and sets out a five-step plan for automated, insight-led data governance.

“There has, in the past, been a view that data governance is a barrier to insight,” explains ZAP’s CEO Garth Laird, “that data governance is merely set of policies that add time and money to data projects.  That view has to change – and is changing.  Sound data governance is not just a requirement, it’s an enabler for greater insight.”

“A business-wide data governance implementation can not only carry out the base expectation of keeping the business out of jail, it can also speed up time to insight, improve data quality, and save time and money.”

The white paper is divided into five main sections and covers:

Section 1 – What is data governance?

Section 2 – Manual vs. automated data governance

Section 3 – How self-service broke the trad data governance model

Section 4 – How governance enables insight

Section 5 – A five-point plan for automated, insight-led governance

download the white paper