Analytics Insight features ZAP’s CEO Garth Laird

ZAP’s CEO Garth Laird explains how to solve the challenges of data governance post-GDPR in the latest edition of Analytics Insight.

Online and in print, Analytics Insight offers a “unique focus on insights, trends, and opinion from the world of data-driven technologies… business analytics, business intelligence, data management, cloud computing, and more.”

Garth is this month’s guest writer in their CXO Bytes section, and he explains how, post-GDPR, “Making data governance even more of a challenge is the ever-growing amount of data businesses work with. From ERP to CRM to accounts systems, databases and more. Some in the cloud, some on-premise.  Others, a hybrid of the two…  Managing all this manually has become a barrier for many companies, as they try to ensure governance of their business data.”

“With so much at stake, businesses can use software to improve data processes and deliver better governance. Data management automation software, for example, can improve governance by controlling, auditing and logging all key data management processes, such as data access and collection, unification, integration, and preparation.”

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