5-minute Q&A — Versar’s CIO, Gabe Guglielmo

Founded in 1969, Versar are a global leader in providing program and project management support to federal, state and local government clients, as well as other industries worldwide.

During a data warehouse installation project, Versar discovered the need for an analysis cube for their financial budgeting and forecasting application. After reviewing a number of vendors on the market, they eventually selected ZAP to tackle this challenge. We spoke with their Chief Information Officer, Gabe Guglielmo, for a 5-minute Q&A to hear their experience of working with ZAP and how they found using our flagship product, ZAP Data Hub.


Hi Gabe, thanks for speaking with us today! First and foremost… What was the decision process behind becoming a ZAP Data Hub user?

Versar was building a warehouse and needed an analysis cube for a financial budgeting and forecasting application. A number of applications were reviewed, but ZAP Data Hub was selected based on the recommendation of our data architect on the project who had worked with the tool before.


What were the characteristics of the ZAP offering which were appealing to you?

Cost, ease of set-up and use. Also, the product is well supported during pre-sales and implementation.


How has your business changed as a result of using ZAP Data Hub?

Versar has moved from Excel-based forecasting and budgeting where consolidation and analysis were time consuming and hard to standardize to a much more streamlined process. We still used Excel to gather data but the format is tightly controlled and the process for consolidating and analysing is much more streamlined now.


Do you have any advice for companies who might try and create manually what ZAP automates?

Its not scalable. Your finance team will have less control of data and you’ll spend a lot of time trying to do it.


And finally, how has ZAP as a company been to work with?

Tech support has been outstanding – set-up, knowledge transfer, migrating to a new server have all been really well supported by a knowledgeable team.


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